This page sets out our policy regarding your privacy and data when browsing, also referred to as Pushing Pace.


Pushing Pace uses the WordPress publishing platform which includes visitor analytics provided by This records any referral links and clicks out of our site and the country your IP address is in. It does not show any other personal data. This data cannot be linked. It also registers a count of visitors to each page but not which pages any particular visitor has been too. Please see the WordPress privacy policy at

Email Subscriptions

If you choose to subscribe for email alerts your email address will be stored by We will be able to see your email address. You can unsubscribe and manage your subscription by following this link. If you unsubscribe we will no longer be able to see your email address.


The Pushing Pace publishing platform uses software provided by and themes developed by its community. With your permission Cookies may be used to assist browsing and/or for basic analytic purposes as described above. You can block or control the use of cookies in your browser settings.

Social Media Buttons & Beacons

Pushing Pace may have social media buttons or widgets to enhance the experience and to facilitate sharing. For more information on their privacy policies please see their respective privacy policies.

Server Logs

To get to respond to the requests you ask of it, you send certain information to our server such as IP address and browser information. This information is only kept as law enforcement agencies may need it.

Google Recaptcha

To help combat spam the form on the Contact page engages Google Recaptcha technology. Please see their terms and privacy policies.

How Safe Is Your Data

Pushing Pace respect any personal data you may submit and it is stored securely. We do not sell or share and of your data or allow anybody other than the admin of Pushing Pace to see it. The only exception to this is if law enforcement agencies require access. To be honest it is not that interesting.

Further Info/Contact

For more details on what information we have or to question our privacy policy further please contact us at this domain at, or easier still use the form on the contact page. Please note that any text you send us may be seen by us.